NOTICE: Slim & Save has now ceased trading online. The remaining stock (over 20 flavours) will soon be available to purchase from

Message from the New You Plan to Slim and Save Customers:

The New You Plan welcomes Slim & Save customers and is very grateful to have been asked by the Slim & Save team to continue supporting their loyal customers after their recent closure.

The New You Plan has been supporting our customers on their weight loss journey for over 13 years, and we have many of the same meal replacements as Slim & Save.

Slim & Save and the New You Plan share the same ethos of looking after our customers and providing great-tasting meal replacements backed up with a caring and friendly support team and community.

As a valued Slim & Save customer, we would love to have the opportunity to support you on your health and transformation journey. We are working to keep everything as familiar as possible for you, and we do not want to disrupt your journey. Slim & Save customers are still being supported by Joanne in the Facebook groups, who has now joined the New You Plan Team.

For more information and a special welcome discount code exclusively for Slim & Save customers, please CLICK HERE.

To see the remaining Slim & Save stock on the Slim & Save site please click here.

A much larger range of Slim & Save products will be available from The New You Plan starting next week, including some previously out-of-stock favourites such as Chocolate Shake, Strawberry Shake, and many meals, along with many other flavours that will be new to Slim & Save customers.